EBRGIS Program
Enterprise GIS Team
Enterprise GIS TeamTo realize the vision of the EBRGIS Program, there is an ongoing and coordinated effort by stakeholders to ensure that work is not duplicated and the products meet certain standards. During its history, there have been several committees formed to guide the implementation of the Parishwide GIS Program. A list and brief description of each group is provided below:

GIS Committee – Created in 1993 by the Mayor-President with representatives from the Planning Commission, Department of Public Works, Department of Information Services, and officials from the public safety departments. This group is attributed with jumpstarting the GIS Program.

Foundational GIS Committee – Assembled in 2000 with stakeholders from the Planning Commission, Department of Public Works, and Department of Information Services to coordinate projects with the US Army Corps of Engineers and its contractors.

GIS Core Committee – Formed in 2003 by the Administration to oversee and guide the implementation of the Parishwide GIS Program. Directors from various City-Parish departments met monthly to develop policy and provide project updates.

GIS Technical Committee – Created in 2006 to provide a forum for City-Parish GIS users to discuss best practices and resolve data issues.

GIS Steering Committee – Convened in 2009 and dissolved all former committees. This group of was comprised of directors of all major user groups within City-Parish government. The stakeholders set policy and created the Enterprise GIS Team.

Enterprise GIS Team – Formed in 2010 as a working group of City-Parish GIS users with the goal of creating an authoritative inventory of all existing data and prepare this data to be loaded into an enterprise GIS data model. After successfully building a centralized data repository, the team did not meet from 2012 to 2014. However, in the fall of 2014 with direction from the Office of the Mayor-President, the Department of Information Services reconvened monthly Enterprise GIS Team meetings. Today, a wide variety of stakeholders and users participate at the monthly meetings to coordinate activities, share ideas, and improve their skillsets.