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2010 Census for East Baton Rouge Parish

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Census Tract 43.02

Census Tract 43-02

Tract 43.02     Block Group 1     FIPS Code 22033004302
Population Education
Total Population1801 High School Male274
One Race1796 High School More Male265
Multi Race5 College 1Yr Less Male12
White1743 College 1Yr More Male173
Black29 Associates Degree Male0
American Indian13 Bachelors Degree Male80
Asian3 Masters Degree Male0
Pacific Islander3 Professional Degree Male0
Other5 Doctoral Degree Male0
25 Older1258 High School Female217
Median Age42.5 High School More Female395
Median Household Income 201070804 College 1Yr Less Female53
College 1Yr More Female180
Occupation Associates Degree Female38
Housing Units709 Bachelors Degree Female63
Occupied Housing Units709 Masters Degree Female17
Owner Occupied Housing1633 Professional Degree Female13
Renter Occupied Housing82 Doctoral Degree Female31
Percent Owner Occupied95.22 Pct 25 Yrs Past High School51.15
Percent Renter Occupied4.78
Vacancy Rates0
Median Year Built1983
Median House Value Owner Occupied156500

Tract 43.02     Block Group 2     FIPS Code 22033004302
Population Education
Total Population1657 High School Male305
One Race1620 High School More Male367
Multi Race37 College 1Yr Less Male15
White1573 College 1Yr More Male189
Black21 Associates Degree Male0
American Indian10 Bachelors Degree Male130
Asian6 Masters Degree Male17
Pacific Islander0 Professional Degree Male0
Other10 Doctoral Degree Male16
25 Older1127 High School Female207
Median Age41.7 High School More Female338
Median Household Income 201078833 College 1Yr Less Female80
College 1Yr More Female104
Occupation Associates Degree Female40
Housing Units699 Bachelors Degree Female84
Occupied Housing Units664 Masters Degree Female14
Owner Occupied Housing1574 Professional Degree Female0
Renter Occupied Housing274 Doctoral Degree Female16
Percent Owner Occupied85.17 Pct 25 Yrs Past High School57.5
Percent Renter Occupied14.83
Vacancy Rates5.01
Median Year Built1981
Median House Value Owner Occupied175000

Tract 43.02     Block Group 3     FIPS Code 22033004302
Population Education
Total Population2099 High School Male238
One Race2080 High School More Male306
Multi Race19 College 1Yr Less Male53
White1977 College 1Yr More Male176
Black81 Associates Degree Male29
American Indian4 Bachelors Degree Male25
Asian11 Masters Degree Male11
Pacific Islander0 Professional Degree Male12
Other7 Doctoral Degree Male0
25 Older1511 High School Female264
Median Age43.5 High School More Female393
Median Household Income 201054258 College 1Yr Less Female75
College 1Yr More Female62
Occupation Associates Degree Female89
Housing Units755 Bachelors Degree Female146
Occupied Housing Units657 Masters Degree Female10
Owner Occupied Housing1589 Professional Degree Female11
Renter Occupied Housing72 Doctoral Degree Female0
Percent Owner Occupied95.67 Pct 25 Yrs Past High School53.4
Percent Renter Occupied4.33
Vacancy Rates12.98
Median Year Built1980
Median House Value Owner Occupied171200

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