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Civic Address Committee   
Civic Address Committee StakeholdersIn the fall of 2010, through its partnership with the US Army Corps of Engineers, the City-Parish worked with Intergraph® Corporation to conduct a series of interviews with various City-Parish representatives who are involved with addressing. The intent of the on-site interviews was to review the needs associated with improving and maintaining civic addresses. As a result, a document was delivered to the City-Parish with findings and recommendations.

One of the first accomplishments that occurred after completing the assessment in April 2011 was the establishment of the Civic Address Committee. The Planning Commission received approval from the Office of the Mayor-President in the summer of 2011 to initiate Civic Address Committee meetings, and the first meeting was held on July 20, 2011. As recommended in the assessment, the primary stakeholders are representatives from the Department of Development, East Baton Rouge Parish Communications District (E911), and the Planning Commission. To ensure consistency in Parishwide address management, there are also representatives from the cities of Baker, Central and Zachary.

This group of stakeholders work together to improve inter-governmental relations and services that specifically pertain to addressing.


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