EBRGIS Program
East Baton Rouge GIS Program   

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are platforms for storing location-based data which can be used for maps, analysis, operations, and decision-making. The City-Parish uses GIS technology to keep track of addresses, property, streets, land use, and many other assets.

In October 1993, the City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge initiated a Geographic Information System (GIS) Program. This initiative fulfilled an objective of the first City-Parish comprehensive plan known as the Horizon Plan.

The East Baton Rouge GIS Program website provides information about Enterprise GIS, geospatial data, street addressing, web services, metadata, and more. Be sure to visit the Map Portal to access a wide variety of web maps and applications. Also, to assist with research needs, please browse the Lookup Tools menu which includes several applications that can query information directly from the GIS data repository.


The vision of the EBRGIS Program is to enhance government operations and services through the implementation of a common location platform by extending geospatial capabilities throughout the City-Parish. In the fall of 2014, the Mayor-President’s Office requested the Department of Information Services to focus on the following three strategies:


To realize a true Enterprise GIS solution in East Baton Rouge Parish it requires leadership and coordination between the numerous stakeholders within City-Parish Government and other agencies. Project coordination is an ongoing challenge to ensure there are no duplications of effort, and that the work products meet certain standards. The Enterprise GIS Team which is comprised of representatives from stakeholder departments works together to implement the EBRGIS Program strategies and objectives.

Questions and Comments

Users are encouraged to submit their questions and comments related to the EBRGIS Program by sending an email to gis@brla.gov or contacting the Department of Information Services at (225) 389-3070.